Chairman's Message.....
Dr. Ravindra Bhosale
Honorable Members,

              On behalf of Board of Directors, you are all welcome to the 27th General Annual Meeting, to be held on 26-08-2016. As you know , Dhanvantari Patsanstha have entered in its Silver Jubilee Year with the completion of 24 years on 16 oct. 2013. For the past 26 years, with all your co-operation and responsibility towards banking Act, Board of Directors have worked successfully. While doing this great work we got huge support from all directors, officers, staff, Shareholders, depositor, debtor as well as guarantor, government banking officers, banks, legal advisor and valuators. Because of this support we have succeed to make Dhanvantari Patsanstha as an Ideal Patsanstha in Maharashtra state. I would like to mention here sincerely, that it was your great trust that took Dhanvantari Patsanstha to the top spot.

              In this financial year, there are lot of changes made in financial act and we have already informed you about these changes through our letters. The important thing of this change is, that you cannot become shareholders by buying shares only, but you must have to do regular transaction and take benefit of available facilities, you have to put deposits as well as take loan from Patsanstha , also you have to inform board of directors your ideas. Means you have to participate in banking work with Patsanstha so that you can become active shareholders of Patsanstha. There are also lots of changes, you can know more by contacting your nearest branch. We have kept the copy of this changed act in our Head Office.

              We have shifted Dhankawadi Branch in our owned place with furniture and all facilities. I am proud that, our six branches with the Head Office are now working in our owned place. We are shifting Satara Branch in well furnitured place with locker facilities, you can take benefit of it.

              In this year, our Debt Recovery Department is accompanied by Directors and they have succeed to 98.22% debt recovery. And I would like thank to all Debtor, Guarantor, and Debt Recovery Officers for their co-operation.

              On 16 October 2013, Our Silver Jubilee Year began and from the place “where seed planted ’’, we have arranged the rally to the place, where Dhanvantari Patsanstha spread its branches. And to increase people’s trust in banking and to make their vision broad about banking, we have arranged Dhanvanatari Sahakar Rally from the Head Office. All Directors, Staff, Share Holders participated in that rally. After that, we have honored our first Shareholders, Depositor, Staff for their support and devotion. On that occasion Prof. Yashwantrao Patane, Dr. Ravindra Harshe, Shri Arvind Gawali (Chariman, Samarth Education Trust), Rambahu Phadtare (Corporator, Thane Mahangarpalika) were present.

              We have organized several Cultural activities, Competitions, Gatherings for the Silver Jubilee Year. And I am thankful to you for your presence and participation in that activities. I am requesting you , for your participation in the activities, programs to come in the future.

              In this financial year many Shareholders and their children got success in various field. Congratulations to them for their success. If you have any ideas or queries please inform us, Board of directors will definitely think about it.