Frequently Asked Questions By Customers
Q.   I need to open a bank account. Which account suits me best ?
A.   Savings accounts are useful for putting in and withdrawing funds from time to time and the passbook can be helpful for identification /address proof.       However when you need to put funds aside for some time, the Fixed Deposit type will earn better interest. If interest is required each month then choose       a Monthly Income Scheme. Recurring deposits are good for saving regularly every month or pigmy deposits are good for regular daily savings.
Q.   Is there an option under home loan where I can pay smaller EMIs in the initial years and gradually increase the EMI value?
A.   Yes. Home Loans gives you flexibility in repayment which gives you the option to pay smaller EMIs in the initial years and increase the value in later        years.
Q.   Can I get loan for purchasing old vehicle? What are the details of installment and maximum amount?
A.   Yes. You can get a loan on vehicle which is maximum 3 years old. There are maximum 36 installments for old vehicle and you can get maximum amount       upto 50% of valuation amount.
Q.   If I want a loan for construction of a house and completed all the documents formality, then any extra security needed?
A.   If the house/ flat proposed to be purchased, is yet to be constructed or is under construction, interim security may be required (till the period of its              completion)
Q.   Every time I need to check balance, should I visit the branch ?
A.   No, you can check your balance by calling our helpline numbers of our branches.
Q.   I have a loan already running in Dhanvantari Patsanstha, Am I eligible for other/personal loan?
A.   Yes, subject to the repayment record on the present loan. We will also need to check your repayment capacity ,whether you meet the norms,and whether       additional security will be necessary.
Q.   How do I find the addresses and contact details for Branches etc. ?
A.   Clik on Braches option. You will get all the information of branches. Or you can use Google Map to find roads, nearest place etc.